My debut in Playboy was in 2008 as Playmate of the Month. I was invited by Playboy to a casting and was taken to a photoshoot a few days later in Vienna for my first Playboy pictures. Apparently the German readers weren’t the only ones who liked my photos; I became a Playmate in eight countries all over the world (Mexico, Spain, Russia, Poland, Greece, Argentina, Romania, Hungary). In mid-2009, I was chosen as Playmate of the Year! And from that moment on, my life was no longer the same. Starting with my visits to Los Angeles, the Playboy Mansion, the legendary parties, meeting Hugh Hefner and all the other Bunnies, up to great “Bunny” jobs in Rio de Janeiro, New York, and all over the world, it was and still is an endless journey, and I am more than thankful to be part of the Playboy family.

In 2009, I was the “Lucky Charm“ bunny in front of the Playboy-branded DTM car. After some of those races, I felt that it would be way more interesting driving the race car than modeling in front of it. 

So, I started with a test day in a race car, which was very successful. And only two months later, I started my first racing season. From that moment, I kind of became addicted to the feeling of racing. It did not take long until I had my very own “Lucky Charm“ bunnies standing in front of my race car.

After so many years, I still have a very close connection to Playboy, and I am very proud to represent the bunny on my racer.